Clinical Supervision

My supervision practice is provided within the BACP Ethical Framework for Good Practice in the Counselling Professions.

Philosophy & Approach.

I integrate a number of humanistic approaches in my work and my practice is founded in person-centred philosophy. My supervision practice is based on Hawkins & Shotet's developmental approach and Carrol's generic interactive model. I work from a multicultural perspective acknowledging that a person's social, cultural and political context has an impact on their therapeutic process.My approach to supervision is one of providing an enviroment of growth for practitioners to honestly evaluate their work perfomance, therapy skills and personal issues they bring to their practice. Supervision will be a mixture of case review, collaborative problem solving and support. We will work on accountability to ethics and best practice principles through reflecting together on your work. This process may include considering your objectivity and professional boundaries with clients, detailed focus on your personal awareness, the importance of establishing and maintaining trust of clients. I hope to create a "safe place" in which you can look at your skills, become exposed to new ideas, and take the risk of trying those new ideas and methods to enable yourself to grow.

Supervision is also the time to address issues that affect your work and personal self. Though supervision is never intended to be a personal counselling session, bringing personal issues that affect your ability to effectively work with your clients is encourged. My aim is to support supervisees to grow as therapists/practitioners/managers and as individuals.

 If you would like to book a session or just have an informal chat contact me by telephone, email or text.

Faran-Ebi Howard MA MBACP Snr Accred

EMDR Europe Accredited Practitioner

Tel: 0796 227 231